When I’m the most infuriated and frustrated, it usually has less to do with what Rob is actually doing, and a lot more about the story I’m telling myself in my head.


Though in the moment, while it’s infinitely easier and more compelling to blame him… being able to see what I’m projecting will ultimately bring the shift I really want.


What’s projection, and why does it matter?


It’s where we are seeing the world though our unique and personal perspective, and then we project that onto the world as the whole and only truth, it’s so much a part of us, we are not even conscious we’re doing it. Then if others that are acting in opposition to that truth, we feel like they are actively opposing us, and we can feel hurt, angry, threatened and reactive.


Being able to become conscious of our projections is how we can start to untangle ourselves from their hold. 


Join me to find out more about projections, and my unhealthy relationship with scrubbing toilets. 😉