Is it possible that we could know our long term partner TOO well?

Not really… but it’s our instinct to believe we do. When we “know” what our partner is going to say or do, life seems stable, predictable and safe. By contrast, when we are uncertain what we can expect from our partner, we feel out-of-control, insecure, even powerless. 


So why does this matter? 


Because we end up trading off the potential new level of connection and intimacy, for the security of replaying old patterns like knowing that our partner might say something insensitive, leave crumbs on the counter and forget to take the garbage out.


Kinda like Groundhog Day, sentenced to a lifetime of habitual bickering and complaint.


Until you don’t, that is.


When we let go of our knowing and open up to the infinite complexity of ourselves and our partner, it’s like someone flicking the lights on. We can experience a whole new understanding, fascination, love and way of relating previously unavailable to us. 


In this week’s vlog, find out how we get caught, and how to free yourself from the burden of all that knowing. 🙂