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I am delighted that you are curious about working with me. I am super excited to work with you! 😀

I can work with you one-on-one, or as a couple. The first way we can connect is through an Introductory Session.

In this session we can get a clear picture of where you are right now in your relationship, exactly where you want to go, and how I can support you to get there.

This is a chance to get to know what is getting in the way of you having what you want in your relationship. Often we are completely unaware that there are unconscious blind spots that are holding us back from fully expressing or receiving the love we want. I can answer any burning questions you may have about why certain dynamics continue to play out.


Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching


Long-term relationship does NOT mean that desire, passion and sex have to dwindle and become predictably unremarkable or non-existent. Truth is, you are sitting on a diamond mine. The years you have spent together are a potential catapult to a new level of connection that is infinitely richer, deeper and more multi-faceted. 

I help you reignite desire and reconnect with your confidence and sensual aliveness.

By illuminating and healing unconscious patterns, accumulated armour, shame and cultural conditioning that have been blocking you from experiencing mind-blowing, spine-tingling bliss and tender sensuous intimacy for yourself and your relationship.


Our culture has taught us to make things look great on the outside… so chances are, based on your Facebook or Instagram; your life probably looks pretty awesome. 

And yet, there’s a nagging undercurrent of unease, like something missing.  Maybe you have a relationship, a home, a great partnership, foundation of love and years of shared experience. Things are comfortable, maybe even too comfortable? You feel flat, depleted and disconnected. 

This is where we can get so conflicted – everything looks fine from the outside, but it doesn’t feel good on the inside. So we can’t quite make sense of it, and end up questioning, blaming and shaming ourselves, or looking for distractions to “fix” that gnawing feeling. We have been conditioned to default to “It’s all good”, “I’m fine – we’re fine”, as we double down on suppressing, denying, over-riding or numbing these feelings, we are losing more of ourselves in the process. 

It take so much courage to break free of the lie that “everything’s fine – it’s all good”, and admit to ourselves that maybe… it isn’t. Maybe we want more.

We all want to feel sexy, desired, radiant, energized yet graceful and peaceful, but in the race of ‘having it all together’, we end up running on empty. The demands of daily life leave us feeling exhausted by the end of the day, with our only desire being sweatpants, a glass of red wine and Netflix.

You love your partner, but it feels more like roommates than lovers. 


We convince ourselves that if we just had more time, we would feel connected with passion and desire and really receive all the joys and pleasures of life. 

While we yearn for greater intimacy and connection, somehow as soon as we’re with our partner, they just seem to annoy us. Whenever we override our desires and feelings in order make everything run smoothly, we will always end up resenting our partner when they go out and do what they want to do.


We’ve bought into the myth that relationships get comfortable and fizzle out of passion, fire and vibrancy. This is a dangerous assumption. It has us feeling complacent and resigned instead of actively practicing showing up in authenticity and integrity in our relationships.

Truth is, it’s a paradox. It is true that you will not recapture that original intensity of that “falling in love” feeling. This is because the early stages of relationship are riddled with uncertainty, insecurity and fear, all super-charging that sense of aliveness. 

That said, there IS a way deeper level of aliveness and passion you can most certainly ignite. 

The difference?  

The shared history of love, safety and belonging you’ve built together has created a deep foundation, (think World Trade Center). You can now attain remarkably higher heights of connection, sacred love, ecstasy and bliss that were not possible before.


Here’s where I come in. It’s not an easy journey, uncovering, healing and clearing away old habitual ways of being and dismantling unconscious patterns of the past that are getting in the way of your genuine connection and intimacy. I will be with you through every step, shining the light, and creating the safe space for you to bring all of yourself.


Working one-on-one, or as a couple, I know that it’s possible for you to reconnect with your radiance and experience more passion, pleasure, freedom and sacred intimate love.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to breakthrough feeling over-obligated and under-appreciated in life and your relationship?

To experience more inspiring love, ease, confidence and sensual aliveness?

You are the hero of this story. It’s not an easy journey to release old familiar patterns of control and open to receiving more love, desire, pleasure, bliss and abundance. It takes commitment and a lot of practice.

For my part, I will be there as your guide and ally. I will be there to illuminate the best in you, to help you see where you are getting tangled in the weeds of past conditioning and old beliefs, to hold the light on through the darkness, shame and past traumas, and continually call you forth into your inherent strength, grace and genius.

Simply fill out the form and I will get back to you with more information on how we can work together.

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