Inspiring Intimacy Special Offer

For participants of the 5-Day Inspiring Intimacy Challenge

A limited time offer to continue working with me in a special package designed for people with this basic foundation of knowledge with a 28% savings off the regular price.

3 month Package



5 one-hour sessions (individual or couple)

Troubleshooting email support throughout

Personalized experiential practices for in between sessions



30 minute Clarity Session to hone in on Core Values, Purpose and “North Star” Guiding Intention (usually done in conjunction with session number one).


for just $999

(or 3 monthly payments of $339)

(28% savings) Cart closes Wednesday March 18 at 11:59pm


What’s involved?


One-on-one or as a couple


Personalized sessions where we will integrate your overall guiding intention and core values as they are appearing in the challenges that are most pressing in your life right now.


We will get clarity on what it is that you really want, not just the tangible things like…

more honest communication,

building intimate connection,

more/better sex,

igniting desire,

being able to talk openly about money without getting in a fight,

or healing the pain of a betrayal or broken trust….

We will focus on attaining not just the external desire, but the emotional state you want to experience, feeling a state of ease, peace, unconditional love, desire, passion, aliveness.


Through the process, we will uncover the unconscious wounds, protection strategies and blocks that are getting in the way. Through our work you will get not just an mental understanding, but we will create practices that you will work at an experiential nervous system level to can implement a new way of being into your life. Literally rewiring your brain to shift your baseline thermostat to open to higher levels of ease, joy and love.

What to expect?


It’s a three-month, 5 session package where we will dive into what is happening in your relationship. Gaining clarity on where you’d like to go, what you’d like it to look like, illuminate what’s getting in the way, and giving you the tools to navigate the journey forward with grace and confidence.

We will cut through the layers of projections, compromises, defensiveness and resignation that have accumulated over the years. 

You will begin to be able to identify triggers in the moment, and more importantly how to look after yourself, as well as the tools to be present for your partner when they’re triggered.

You will gain a huge set of tools for your toolbox to communicate more authentically, effectively and clearly, release blame, shame and criticism to come into even closer connection.

We will personalize your package to get exactly what you want from the sessions.

– Getting underneath a specific challenge that keeps recurring

– Identify unconscious patterns that are inhibiting intimate connection

– Develop a better relationship skill set

– Learn the tools to navigate triggers in the moment and come back into grounded connection

– Improve your sexual relationship (if one partner has more desire than the other, how to re-ignite or inspire desire)

– Explore deeper realms of sacred tantric sexual practices.

Again, working with you as a couple is tremendously effective, but if you find that one of you is a bit keener than the other, working one-on-one is massively transformative.

Check out the link below to get more info and apply.

What will I get?


Clarity, Connection, Transformation.


While what you get will always be a reflection of what you put in, you will receive a well-stocked toolbox to identify and meet triggers in yourself and your partner when they happen in the heat of the moment. You’ll be able to spot repeating dynamics and looping arguments that have seemed impossible and insurmountable in the past. More importantly, you will have the practice of being able to navigate forward in connection with confidence. This program will fundamentally shift your life and not just your love relationship, but all of your relationships.

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