Ready to feel sensually alive?

Reignite passion, pleasure and freedom in your long term relationship!

Welcome! If you are ready to step into lasting fulfillment, more joy, playfulness and transformation. You are exactly where you need to be. 

Reconnect with your innate desire, confidence and sensual aliveness. By illuminating and healing the unconscious belief patterns, armor, shame and cultural conditioning that have been blocking you from to experiencing mind-blowing, spine-tingling bliss and tender sensuous intimacy for yourself and your relationship.

The journey starts here. You’re sitting on a diamond mine. The years you have spent together are a potential catapult to a new level of connection that is infinitely richer, deeper and more multi-faceted. 

Individual Packages


100 Days
Intensive with seven
60 min sessions 



6 month
Adventure with
twelve 60 min sessions



12 month
Deep Dive with
twenty-four 60min sessions



We will start from a foundation of clarity on what it is that you really want, exploring the roots of your desire, not just on a relationship level, but how you want to feel. Uncover and understand the unconscious and sub-conscious beliefs and patterns that are getting in the way of the love you really want. 

We will explore your relationship, if you’re in one, as well as your relationship to your body and yourself. Working from the inside out, shifting your relationship to desire, ease, and joy, playfulness, pleasure and freedom.  


Pull apart social conditioning, beliefs, wounds and traumas to explore the many aspects of self, beginning to recognize the different narratives, heal and understand the motivation behind so that you can make empowered choices toward what you want instead of getting hooked.

Find and trust your inner authority, becoming trustworthy with yourself and your relationships. Explore your inherent sensuality and creativity to become more grounded and confident to let go of performing, perfection, over-giving, obligations, and feeling exhausted. Open up to feel more powerful, confident, fulfilled and joyfully alive. 



Give yourself the gift of deep lasting transformation. We will cover all that’s in the Embark and Experience packages, and go deeper. We don’t heal and evolve in a linear way, rather spiraling around revisiting a more nuanced expression of the old belief system in many layers. Investing the time into this process ensures a solid foundation to a new way of being in the world.

This is a deep journey where we get the opportunity to dive into layer after layer of unconscious beliefs, self-sabotaging behavior patterns and old wounds, slowly integrating pieces of self towards to wholeness. We will explore laser tools that give you insight and understanding as well as embodied practices that work on a blueprinting level, shifting beliefs and behaviors on a nervous system level. Creating transformation from the inside out, cultivating an unshakable radiance and aliveness. 

Couples Packages

Embark for Couples

100 Days
Intensive with seven
75 min sessions 


Experience for Couples

6 month
Adventure with
twelve 75 min sessions


Explore for Couples

12 month
Deep Dive with
twenty-four 75 min sessions


Embark for Couples

Get clarity – uncover the unconscious and sub-conscious beliefs and patterns that are creating a wedge between you. Learn to identify triggers, both for you and your partner. Learn practices and techniques to disentangle yourself and stop escalation in arguments, so that you can navigate powerfully forward, instead of backsliding or looping incessantly in the same dynamic.

Explore communication and connection tools to bring you closer together, begin to tap into deep healing practices, shedding layers of old wounds, past traumas and performance anxieties to show up more confidently, powerfully and connected.

Clear the way to deeper loving intimate connection in and out of the bedroom.

Experience for Couples

Get clarity on what has been keeping you from desire, passion and genuine intimate connection. Understand communication, connection, and explore deep healing practices to powerfully move forward from the habits and patterns that are keeping you stuck. Begin to explore erotic sexual intimacy practices.

Learn about sexual healing, cultivating a new level of trust to open the space for our partner’s deepest held wounds, beliefs and desires. We will create the container for profound intimate connection and the best sex yet. 


Explore for Couples

We will dive deeply into clarity, getting a clear picture on your shared priorities and goals in the life you want to create together. Master communication skills and techniques to understand what is being said, as well as how it’s being interpreted. Learn how to notice, navigate and avoid common miscommunication traps. Open to connection practices to bring you closer intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Learn physical connection practices that speak directly to your partner on a nervous system level, shifting your relationship blueprints. 

Dive into deep healing and erotic sexual intimacy. Once we have cleared blocks to intimacy and created a container of profound love, respect and safety, we will be able to explore ancient tantric practices, breath work, moving energy, surrender, orgasmic potential, spine-tingling ecstasy and erotic bliss.


When you sign up for Experience or Experience for couples, get a FREE 30 minute one-on-one session to uncover your core values

When you sign up for Explore, or Explore for couples, get a FREE 60 minute one-on-one session to distill your core values and establish a clear purpose moving forward.

Bonus ExperienceBonus Explore

What people are saying

“Kate guided me to connect deep into myself and start to peel away the layers that are holding me back…”

Natalie - BC, Canada

”I leave conversations with Kate both more grounded, and uplifted. It’s kind of magic…”

Sheila - Seattle, USA

”Kate led us through mindful and physical practices that allowed us to attain a connection to our emotions. Simply becoming aware of these was helpful, let alone the advice we were coached to create more productive habits” 

Honey & Mazen - Oregon, USA


What can I expect?

Our first session will be a little longer, where we will delve into clarity of what you really want, how you want to feel and where you are going. We will set your personalized big-picture agenda of where you want to be at the end of the journey with goals, aspirations and observable success criteria. From there we will meet, navigate and co-create both systematically and organically as it arises along your path. 

What kind of support do I get outside of the sessions?

As you begin to live more courageously, powerfully and freely, everything that is unlike that will be rise to the surface. It’s called resonance shakedown. I am available by text and e-mail throughout the journey. If we need to jump on the phone or zoom in between sessions, I am totally available for that. I ask that these are limited to 20 minutes, if it’s a bigger issue, then we can schedule an extra session.

Is there homework?

Yes. There are practices that we co-create during the sessions for you to integrate in between sessions. While at times it might be challenging, for the most part, it will seem like a very organic progression of being in the world with a new level of joyful aliveness.  

How much of a commitment will it be?

Transformation is a big commitment. It’s kind of like the gym membership, I will be there every step guide and support you, but you will need to show up and lift the weights to see your fitness and strength flourish and grow. The investment that you make in yourself and your relationship will pay off exponentially. You will feel more energized, confident and alive in every aspect of your life. 

Is there a payment plan?

YES! Depending on the package you choose we can set up either a monthly or quarterly payment system to best suit your needs.

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