This guy (my son 😉 has spent thousands of hours on his bike careening down rocky faces in every type of weather. So a trail or section that would absolutely terrify me… isn’t even scary for him.


Makes sense…


Yet when we see stuff that’s way out of our comfort zone, we often jump to the conclusion that they might be just a bit crazy or reckless. We don’t always recognize that’s our perspective – which is totally true for us from where we are standing… though it’s likely not their perspective.


Why’s this important?

We are drawing these conclusions ALL THE TIME in our relationships. And then take our assumptions as facts, getting so attached and identified with them, so that when people have a different perspective, we feel threatened and defensive. This defensiveness has us disconnect and grow further apart, with less understanding of each other.


This week’s vlog is about recognizing that there is no threat from opening fully to other people’s perspectives. We expand our understanding and deepen our connection. <3